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Innovative publication strategies for oncology research


Strategic Oncology Publication Packages



Fast Review+English Editing

Fast, actionable advice

Save time, effort, and peer review frustration with practical adivce from an oncology reviewers' perspective.

You Recieve

Expert English Editing

Comments & advice from an oncology expert


Edited manuscript(word)with expert advice and comments


Editing fee + USD $400


①Fast Review(2 working days)

②Manuscript revisions

③Expert English Editing(2 working days)

※Documents longer than 5000 words may take an extra day


Expert Scientific Review+English Editing

Minimize chances of rejection

A full expert review of all aspects of your manuscript. You get a detailed report with advice on how to strengthen your manuscript, minimize chances of rejection, and get accepted in the shortest time.

You Recieve

Expert English Editing

Expert Scientific Review of all sections of your manuscript, including:
- Research methods
- Results, data, statistical analysis
- Strength of references
- Novelty & significance
- Appropriateness of the target journal


Edited manuscript(Word)

Expert Scientific Review Report(PDF)


Editing fee + USD $800


①Expert Scientific Review (2 working days)

②Manuscript Revisions

③Expert English Editing (2 working days)

※Documents longer than 5000 words may take an extra day


Best-In-Class Manuscript Review

Full optimization of your publication strategy

Combining cancer research expertise with publication know-how, you get insight into how to shape your strategy for optimal publication success and impact on cancer treatment worldwide.

You Recieve

Expert English Editing

Target journal analysis and strategy

Potential journal recommendations

Journal submission strategy and cover letter

Check & strengthen references

Manuscript positioning: highlighting the importance, novelty, and clinical value

Strengthen the content, data, structure, and research story

Ensure graphical excellence of visual elements


Edited manuscript(Word)

Edanz Oncology Consultation Report (PDF)


Editing fee + USD $2,100


①Best-In-Class Review (4 working days)

②Revisions, questions, 2nd round of editing

※Documents longer than 5000 words may take an extra day

The Edanz Oncology Team

Nikki March

Cancer Biologist

Senior bioscientist and experienced in investigating new drugs for cancer and tumors.

2006 PhD Cancer Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Expertise: Cell signaling, oncology, cancer stem cell research


Abdel Osman

PhD & cancer specialist MD

Experienced oncology consultant with deep knowledge of general medicine.

2015 Specialty Certificate in Medical Oncology, Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK

Expertise: Oncology, carcinogenic pharmacology, cancer stem cell research


Daniel McGowan

Publication Specialist


Served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Nature Reviews Neuroscience and has been involved in a wide range of publishing support as Edanz Science Director

2002 PhD Molecular Neuroscience
Expertise: Neurodegenerative diseases, molecular cell biology, protein biochemistry, proteomics, etc.


Ken Sakamoto

Clinical Landscape Expert

18 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and experienced MSL.

MEng Molecular Biology Hiroshima University, Graduate School

Expertise: Cancer-related treatments